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Monday, 8 April 2013

Phase One Complete!

I've finally started to raise some cash towards the boat. I sold my Ham Radio gear the other week, so at last I have a pot of money to spend. Not a lot, but hopefully I might be able to add to that soon. I have a couple of old motorcycles languishing in the garage and I haven't used them since I ended up in hospital a few years back with a pretty serious abdominal condition. Plus the hassle of MOTing, Taxing and insuring a bike these days just takes the fun out of it. So they're for sale. Hopefully I can generate some cash.

The bad news is the March/April cheap period has now virtually petered out and now Easter has come and gone, prices will start to firm up.

From now on bargains will be few and far between. I'll need a little bit of luck from now on.