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Monday, 29 January 2018


Son is now moved into his flat. On the second floor with no lift.... You know how fit or unfit you are moving furniture up two floors, I can tell you!

Son was lagging behind Dad... it just shows how unhealthy playing video games is for you. I suggested him having my fold up bike in the flat so he can do some cycling in the summer. As he's down by the seafront it would be a nice place to do it. Cycle down the seafront for fish and chips or an Ice Cream...

As it is, the week or two he's got to wait before he gets Internet installed is going to hurt him badly... youngsters and their priorities.

In the meantime, he can sort out where the furnituire is going. Dad bought some stacking storage boxes for him, so he can spend a day or two moving stuff from unstackable cardboard boxes to the decent plastic ones. That'll save space.

Sadly these days social housing doesn't include flooring, so I'm working on finding someone to give him a grant towards carpet at least in his lounge. Currently he has bare unsealed concrete floors.

We have some spare laminate that may cover his bedroom floor. Well I hope it's enough.

Laying that will take up another Saturday or Sunday.

It's a good job I have these skills.... :-)

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Busy Busy Busy....

2017 was quite a busy year, my visits to the boat were pretty few compared to previous years. What with holidays, moving house, visiting friends and relatives around the country....

This year looks to have started off the same: Eldest son is moving into a flat so the Swedish tank is being pressed into action as a removal van over the next weekend or two.

However the Swedish Iron is not healthy and it looks like it requires more money spending on it. It needs a new electronic throttle unit. A trip to the scrapyard very soon I think, as the throttle is getting very jerky and fuel consumption has gone up. But at 290,000 miles I suppose it will have it's problems.

Some form of normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. I will get back to sailing and doing boaty stuff soon I hope.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Every Lidl Helps....

This Thursday the 11th, Lidl are having an automotive special offer.

One of the items is a 1Kg powder fire extinguisher for £8.99. The one I bought a few years back has stood the test of time in a damp environment, so I do recommend getting one if you need an extinguisher.

On the 14th, they have an Infra-Red remote thermometer for £12.99. Handy for checking inboard exhaust systems for overheating...