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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Bye Bye Buoy

Yes, I've "lost" yet another mooring buoy. Less than a month after I fitted the last one with 8mm chain and a padlock, it has been nicked.

Bloody expensive things they are. So I've replaced it with my trusty old fender-as-mooring-buoy.

Fitted with chain and shackles and seizing wire.

Just as a stopgap.

In the meantime, if anyone sees a large orange mooring buoy with Sprite II or E032 on it at any of the boat jumbles, please let me know.

It's times like these the bikini-clad Caribbean sailor on Patreon turn to their patrons with puppy-dog eyes and suddenly replacement parts turn up in the post...

I'd try it, but I look hideous in a bikini....

Friday, 7 June 2019

Lidl Bargains

Just a quickie. Lidl have got some handy little electrical kits:

£3.49 each.

A box of scotchlocks or a box of crimp terminals with heatshrink, or even a box of Velcro cable straps.


Got a couple of them:

Quite handy little kits.