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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Latest Purchase: Winter Ready

Latest purchase is a Nevica Skuff.

It's a reversible snood-like thing with a fleece lining that can be used as a neckwarmer, facemask, snood, headband/earwarmer or hat.

Very versatile and initial tests show it's very warm.

Sports Direct have them on their website. Make sure you get the reversible fleece one though. The cheaper ones look to be only single layer, but may still be worth it as a handy neckwarmer. Mine was £7.99 and looks good quality for the price.

Blogroll Back!

As you can see over there on the right, my blogroll is back. Looks like the Gadget is back as the "Blog List Gadget" on the template. The bad news is I've had to recreate from Memory all the blogs on the list, so I might have missed a couple. I think I got them all, plus a couple of extras I've been looking at recently.

I just need to recreate a few more bits and everything will be back.