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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Roll on September

Well, I was right. Prices had started to firm up just at the same time I sold my Radio Gear, which means I haven't been able to spot a yacht within my budget since my last post. Its annoying as a couple of boats went locally for less than £400 just two weeks before I got the money.

Prices have firmed up sufficiently thanks to the good weather that its probably not worth watching for bargains at the moment.

On top of that I had a stroke which put things on hold for a month thanks to lack of transport (you get a mandatory 28 day driving ban after having a stroke until you're passed fit by your doctor).

In the cyclical nature of Yacht prices, it looks as though I will have to bide my time now until September, when prices will start to fade thanks to the normal end of the cruising season.

I'm looking out for a cheap (or free!) video camera to start putting some videos up on here. I might try starting by using my Phone. I've also downloaded some video editing software, so we'll see what I can knock together. First things first I think I need a big SDCard for the phone.