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Friday, 20 October 2017

Batten Down the Hatches, Brian's a comin'!

The first winter storm to really hit the South Coast is due to arrive this weekend.

The winds are due to peak tomorrow just when high tide is due in Portsmouth. Just about the worst time. On a mud mooring half the time it's okay because the boat is stuck in the mud and doesn't go anywhere. At high tide it's a different story altogether.

I shall be down there checking on the boats tomorrow.

I hope everyone has checked their mooring strops recently for chafe and renewed them if necessary. It's so sad seeing what was a perfect boat beached and holed.

Stay Safe everyone!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Finally Made it on Board!

After what must be at least 4 weeks, I made it on board Sprite yesterday.

The sun shone, which was nice:

The window rubbers seem to have started a rather rapid decay. I doubt they will make the winter, so they are definitely a priority. On every window the plastic locking strip has started to come adrift, so they are on borrowed time.

After the excesses of this month's move and my depleted bank account, hopefully next month I can get window rubbers sorted from ebay.

Yesterday was just a leisurely visit: a brew, some lunch, running the engine and bailing out the cockpit lockers.

Before I left I put the cockpit cover back in place. Yep, the summer's over.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


I've finally moved house. It took a couple of weekends and a couple of week's worth of evenings, but everything is moved.

I never did get stuff on eBay, just no time to do it.

The wife is talking abbout sorting out the wall of cardboard or as most people call it, the spare room. I think after over a week of humping and bumping, I need a night with feet up, takeaway and TV.

She'll probably agree as Tuesday is Eastenders and Holby night.... no TV for me this evening then. A takeaway, feet up and old man evening/full belly snooze it is then.

I shall dream of those sailing days back in June, and plan my winter.

I have checked on Sprite 2 from the shore, but had no time to get on board for a while.

Hopefully this weekend I can get on board and check on things.

Things that I learned:

You can transport a dinghy trailer without a towbar. Just unbolt the axle from the drawbar. the drawbar goes on roof bars and the axle in the boot.

You can support a jib furler on the car roof with a slightly extended ladder. It stops the furler bending where it's unsupported over the bonnet (last time I used a length of wood tied to the radiator grille, but didn't have anything handy this time.

I'm getting too old to be moving just using my own muscle power. Hopefully any future move will be planned and I'll be able to save up to pay someone else to do the humping and bumping.