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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Southampton Boat Show: Giving it a miss for 2015.

The best boat show of the modern era has to be Southampton. Long gone are the days of my childhood of (Christ, almost 40 years ago!) when everything boaty was crammed into Earls Court. The Excel London boat show is a shadow of Earls Court, and has been polluted by the money from Canary Wharf. Champagne Bars, big mobos, it has everything that is the antithesis of the skint sailor.

The Southampton show is the one I enjoy going to, with lots available for those of us with long pockets and short arms. However this year I've been disappointed by the lack of deals available for entry to Southampton. Last year we found a half price or 2-for-1 ticket offer on Groupon, which allowed me and Jim to go and enjoy ourselves with relatively clear consciences, but this year there appears to be a distinct lack of offers.

Yes you can order in advance and get in for £13, but the small print says the booking fee is £1.95, putting the price back up again!

So sadly, this year I'm giving it a miss, its beyond the price point this sailor will stump up.

It'll probably rain anyway.


  1. ...I always used to get my tickets via Tesco clubcard but they stopped that a couple of years ago... I can't not go though - it's a brilliant day out - and well worth £15... the £1.95 is only per transaction so if you and your mate go it's only £14 a ticket?

  2. Yeah its a great show, but after my road trip up North last weekend pennies are very tight. By the time I've paid for entry, parking or train fare, it starts to bust my budget. Last year there seemed to be plenty of half price entry offers.
    I went last year so I'm happy to give it a miss this year.
    Maybe I'll visit a boat jumble instead.
    Unless Freecycle comes up trumps.

  3. it happens there's a boat jumble at Chichester this very weekend... :o)