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Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Sails are Finally Done.

Yep, I've finally finished the jib sail, completing the "refreshment" of Sprite's sails.

The jib now looks like this with it's new UV strips:

The stitching looks ok from a distance, but is a bit wonky close up. But it looks like it will work, so that's the main thing.
As you can see I've added some tell-tale strips on the trailing edge, just to see if they will help me set the sail better. I've done the same on the main sail.

I just need to get them back on the boat now and do some sailing....


  1. Your stitching is probably a bit like my paint job on my yachts topsides - it looks beautiful from a about 10 paces which is where the brushstrokes disappear from the focal length of the average persons eyes.

  2. That's about right Alden... The stitching is not quite straight, has different spacing on the zig-zags, and some of the early hand-stitched stuff is hideously uneven. But as long as it works, that's all that matters. Took a bit of cursing to get it all to lie flat though. I didn't think brand new sail cloth would be that hard to work with, but it was. But with the help of double-sided tape and staples, I wrangled it into position for stitching. :-)

  3. The truth is that both my paint job and your stitching is never as bad as we think it is (no one notices as much as the person who has done the work) - So long as the job is sound and strong it doesn't really matter.