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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

An (Anti-) Foul and Dastardly Plan is Forming

I'm just checking the tides for the next couple of weeks and it looks like the weekend of the 30th/31st is another early and late high tide weekend.  I'd rather be sailing, but to be honest this year has been pants weather-wise so I may as well concentrate on stuff that will make Sprite easier to live with and sail better rather than actually sail, so when it does come to the good weather she'll be ready-ish.

Now I've scraped most of the rubbish off the bottom, it might be a good weekend to stick Sprite on the beach and start to anti-foul the bottom. Weather permitting of course.

So, I shall check with the Mrs this evening to see if anything is planned for that weekend and if it's free then I'll crack on planning.

First thing is find a decent board to lie on rather than damp mud.

Second is to get the genny running so I can use the angle grinder.

Third is to get some scotch pads for the angle grinder to do a final clean up of the bottom before applying primer.

Then the Anti-foul.

Oh, and a full NBC suit with mask to avoid contact with the paint...

Not sure I'll get it all done in 4 hours, so it may take the weekend, but I may as well give it a shot and get the bottom sorted while it's relatively weed-free.

Weather permitting of course...


  1. Yes Steve, there's a tap for water at the Ferry pontoon, so I can fill up jerrycans of water if I need them. Too far away to hook a pressure washer up to though if that's what you're thinking. It'll all be manual scraping and scrubbing.

  2. Best of luck with it... shitty job at the best of times... I shall be out watching Sir Ben and the boys...

  3. Thos weekend I'll be sailing. Tides are wrong to get out of Langstone and back again to watch the racing so I'll be pootling round Langstone trying to remember how to sail. The weekend after I'll be up to the eyeballs in muck and paint. Weather permitting, of course!