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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Filling and Fairing

On Saturday I filled a few more holes in Sprite's bow.

I filled in the largest hole the last time Sprite was on the beach, so on Saturday I sanded it down and filled in a few more bits of it.

It's a bit hard to photograph brilliant white bits, but trust me I filled 1 big and 4 small holes in this area.

A bit closer on the big hole I filled.

Looking round the hull there were a few other small holes. A gouge in the side (probably caused when Sprite was bounced around moored up at Cowes), the results of a clunk on the back corner and more worrying an 8mm hole around the waterline. Perfectly round:

You can't see it that clearly, but in the light blue area there is a dimple where I filled the hole in.

This is just after I filled it in.

So some work being done on the hull as well as scraping.

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