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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Blogroll Back!

As you can see over there on the right, my blogroll is back. Looks like the Gadget is back as the "Blog List Gadget" on the template. The bad news is I've had to recreate from Memory all the blogs on the list, so I might have missed a couple. I think I got them all, plus a couple of extras I've been looking at recently.

I just need to recreate a few more bits and everything will be back.


  1. My posts at have been scarce this year, so I guess I didn't make the list. Understandable.

  2. Sorry Peter, you're back on again. Yes, the lack of posting made you slip my mind. I'm over 50, it comes with the territory!

  3. Thanks for putting me back on the list. I've got 2 posts started, so there is still some life left in the blog. Serenity was hauled out for the winter last weekend. Too many distractions to get much boating in this past summer.

  4. You're welcome Peter, I'll look forward to your posts. I'm the same, windy weather, the wife's 50th, one kid getting married, and a health scare or two has taken the edge of this year for me as well. The nights are drawing in so that's restricting things now. I just don't know where the year has gone.