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Friday, 4 November 2016

Busy Weekend Last Weekend

Last weekend was a bit busy.

Saturday was "spend time with Wifey" day as she was working on Sunday. So, a relaxed morning with breakfast at Port Solent was the first thing we did. Then a walk round the Marina to walk it off a bit.

Even the Mrs likes the boats at Port Solent. However the sort of boats she prefers are way out of my price range. Mooring up at Port Solent is way out of my price range, regardless of boat size.

As we walked round the still and calm Marina, I took a picture of the Sunsail yachts all rafted up and being prepped for the winter. Note the sail bags on top of the cabins, I assume ready to be removed for winter storage.

We watched a few boats go through the lock, as well as quite a few mullet travelling into and out of the Marina.

Saturday afternoon was lazy, just a bit of shopping and relaxing. Then later picking one of the grandkids up for a sleep-over. But not before a stop-over at the Barley Mow for a carvery (his favourite meal apparently) and Asda for sweets and toys.

On Sunday the wife was working, so me and Bailey watched DVDs and prepped his Pumkin for Halloween.

Once that lot was out of the way, we had a trip down to the boat. He was happy to be the first Grandkid to get on the boat actually on the water. We had a brew, watched the other boats go in and out of the harbor and I answered a million "what does this do?" questions. :-)

Bless him, he even washed up for me after the brew. I think he just wanted to see how you washed up without a hot water tap.

His dad picked him up down the boat, so we had a row back to the beach to drop him off.

I spent another couple of hours on the boat putting the spray dodgers I'd re-stitched back on.

Then back home for tea and a rest while watching the Grand Prix.


  1. "However the sort of boats she prefers are way out of my price range."

    I have been working on a blog post with a similar theme. We were looking at going bigger this summer, but the money required to meet her wants is too scary to consider.

  2. Peter, I posted about how bigger boats are a lot more expensive on my "Bargain Boat Buying" page. It's amazing how a small change can increase bills by a large amount. Even silly things like having to buy an extra tin of antifoul because a single tin won't do. But mooring fees, marina fees, etc. are all related to length and start to add up.

    1. Indeed. I actually put in an offer, albeit a low one, on a Bayfield 32, but was glad it wasn't accepted. The annual expenses would probably be more than double of what Serenity costs. Plus, I still like my PY23.