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Friday, 17 March 2017

eBay Update

Well, the ad blocker has made a real difference.  So much so, the difference between browsing on my computer and someone else's is now very obvious.

I'd recommend if you're using Google Chrome as a browser to look at the add-on's and down load an adblocker. There are a few available on the Chrome add-on list. They all work in the same way so I can't say which is best.

It doesn't only speed up eBay either. the local newspaper website is 40% news, 60% adverts. It's made a HUGE difference on that website too.

I would say try it and see if there is any difference. I recommend it.

I will get back to sailing related stuff soon, I promise! But making the browsing experience better for those of you searching for the ideal low-cost yacht has to be a good thing.

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