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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Don't Crook Back in Anger.

Getting a bit frustrated now. The long days and the good weather say I should be working on the boat.

My crook back says otherwise. Has done for the past couple of weeks.

Tried to get down early last Saturday but upon picking the generator up my back said game over, no chance, I'm not ready yet... It's funny how a pain in your back can make your knees weak. :-)

So I spent the weekend resting in the garden and box set binging instead.

I've just got to wait until the tide and my back are ready I suppose.

In the meantime thoughts about the mast beam are still running through my head. My latest thought is possibly a laminated wood/grp affair, so if the wood deteriorates, it leaves a grp box or honeycomb section that still retains strength. Effectively the wood is a former for the grp.

I may have to get some glass cloth and some resin and do a few tests.

I have a new car. Luckily still the one I wanted but just a year older, instead being a 2004 model. By doing that my vehicle excise duty drops from £500 to £300. Still the same make and model of vehicle, but just some arbtrarily decided cutoff means the newer model attracts a higher tax.

The Swedish tank went away to another skint guy with a family. I got more than scrap value so I'm happy and he gets a cheap runaround with 7 seats so he's happy too.

Anyway, more resting on the cards in future until this stroppy back actually lets me go do some work.

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