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Monday, 26 November 2018

Raising the Roof.

Not much to report, other than the fact that I've made a lifting post to go under the roof a couple of weeks ago with the intention of gradually raising the cabin roof to it's original height hopefully in time to fit a new mast beam in the spring.

The roof has spent the last year or more sagging, so it will take a few months to gradually raise it without cracking the GRP.

The post is 2 x 2 with a threaded rod inset in a hole drilled in the end. Pads on the floor and the roof and a washer at the end of the post for a nut to push onto. Turn the nut and the threaded rod extends out of the end of the post like a DIY acro-prop. 3 quid for the wood from B&Q and threaded rod, washers and nuts out of the scrap box.

I've been on board twice. First to install the post and then again this weekend to raise the roof a bit more. Basically extending the rod until I get a fair bit of resistance against the screw. I don't want to go at it like a bull in a china shop and push the deck and cabin top from the hull.

So far I've raised the roof about 1.5 inches. Slow but steady.


  1. Hi Mark, just catching up with your blog and have a couple of questions. How can you tell that the roof is starting to sag? I know it can be a problem with Sea Wychs, I've see one with a very nice prop installed which has a table around it that slides down to form part of the fore berth. Also do you have a way to lower and raise the mast on your own?

    Cheers, Alan. (Sea Wych in Fareham)

  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying, just been looking through comments. Yours wasn't emailed to me for some reason.

    The sag is quite obvious from the outside of the boat. If you look at the mast beam across the cabin roof, the top edge should be at the very least a straight line. Mine dips in the middle and it's so extreme water pools on the middle of the cabin roof. In some cases the gel coat starts to wrinkle around the mast step. Mine has done both.

    As for raising and lowering the mast, I've never done it before. But I'm sure I'll figure out a way of doing it when the time comes.