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Saturday, 15 December 2012


Well, this is quite literally a blank page at the moment.

However, I can offer an outline for the reason I've created this blog.

You see, last year I started sailing on a mate's boat and well, I've caught the bug. I've spent nigh on 12 months browsing eBay and generally missing boat after boat due to lack of funds.

So, I've made it my mission to become the Skint Sailor: to see just how cheaply you can get a reasonable size boat and just as importantly as buying the boat, afford to run it.

Here is my plan. I need to get to a target of about £600. For that I can get a decent 19 foot yacht that needs some (but not too much) work, as well as buy a years' insurance (doncha love sail boats: I hate to think how much a power boat would cost to insure), and also moor it legally somewhere.

I'm sure to some paople £600 is pocket money, but to me with very little in the way of disposable income its a hefty enough target.

So, I have a few things I'll be selling off to get the fund started and hopefully someone will buy them.

I'll also be commenting on ebay items as they come up, because at my end of the price range, there can be some horror stories as well as true bargains.

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