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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Wet, Wet Wet... and a Rainbow

I donned the waterproofs today and rowed over to Sprite 2. The new oars worked a treat and made getting out to the boat so easy. Today I took the battery back on board which had been charged up.

I didn't do much other than fit the battery and tidy up the interior which had been trashed by the movement of the boat in the big storm. I noticed with all the bad weather that the windows had leaked, probably the first time they have this year. Luckily not much, but one leak had made the sleeping bag damp, so thats now hanging up in the cabin.

I also reset the bucket tied to the stern. It had helped slow down the weaving the boat does in high winds, but I noticed that sometimes it gets dragged so severely it get pulled out of the water which reduces the damping effect. So I tied it a bit lower in the water and weighed it down with a rock. So now when the boat veers left or right in the wind, it has to pull the bucket and the rock out of the water, which provides immediate and effective damping.

I also retied the chain to the bow roller so hopefully it won't jump off like last time. Of course it all depends on how long the rope lasts, but I don't envisage another big storm. Well, not until January or February anyway.

The rain stopped not long after I got on the boat and gave me 3 hours or so of good weather. I came off when I noticed another rain cloud on the way in. The retreating sunlight produced a rather nice rainbow under the cloud:

I'm back at Eastney tomorrow helping Jim hook up his new chain to his mooring buoy, so he'll have an all-chain mooring.

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