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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Handy Gadget Torch only £4.99

I saw this torch in our local branch of The Range and had to have it:
It uses a Light Emitting Diode to produce light rather than a bulb, so its more efficient. LED technology has progressed amazingly rapidly in the past 10 years and now you can get LED torches like this one that output watts of light rather than the milliwatts you got from old LEDs or standard torch bulbs. It produces a beam of light you can focus to shine brightly for 200 metres or more and uses just 3 small AAA batteries.
Not only is it a torch with a CREE LED capable of shining for over 200 metres, but if you unscrew the focus ring and pull it, it does this neat trick:
It turns into a lantern! And a pretty powerful one at that. I tried to photograph it but my phone camera could hardly cope due to the brightness:
Its only at Range stores, but at just £4.99 I'd recommend it as a handy little tool. Its going to consign all my other torches to the bin! Just remember to buy a few AAA batteries to run it.I suspect battery life might be an issue but as I've had it less than a day I can't really comment on that.

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