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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cowes at Christmas?

At the weekend I mentioned to Jim that I might actually take Sprite 2 for a sail over the Christmas holiday. He mentioned Cowes but there just isn't daylight for long enough during the day, which means a portion of the journey will be at night. Now I've not sailed a boat at night for a very very long time, so if you add that little task onto what should be a relaxed festive nip out and back it turns into a major operation.

I think a relaxed couple hours pootling around Langstone at high tide in daylight will suit me just fine for working off Christmas lunch.

I don't fancy a forced march in freezing conditions to Cowes and back with the added complexity of a night transit across the Solent back into Langstone would be in any way shape or form a joyous occasion.

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