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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Weekend of Two Halves

Yesterday was boaty stuff: I got my newly varnished seats and transom board fitted to my dinghy. There wasn't much to do on the boat as daylight hours were low tide. But the dinghy is looking good.

Today was time for me and the missus. Up after a lie-in and off to the pub for breakfast, followed by a walk round Chichester.

Then in the afternoon she went off with her girls to bingo for a couple of hours and I settled down to fixing Jim's generator. Playing with the pilot screw and fressh petrol in the tank got it running. But I need to check its cold starting temperament before I can say its fixed. I also gave it a wooden leg (very nautical) as one of its metal legs sheared off a long time ago.

Apart from doing some work on my car thats it. Lack of time, daylight and the wrong tide conspired against me.

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