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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fleeting Visit

I spent a couple of hours on Sprite 2 today. The weather was great and I spent the time getting the water out of the cockpit lockers and having a brew and watching the dinghies. No work on the winch bases as the spare parts haven't turned up yet and I haven't been able to dig my dremel out of the garage either.

When I got there it was almost hight tide. It was 5 metres today so the water was up to the transom of my dinghy. I had to hold it on it's side for a few minutes while the water drained from the compartments. Although the tide was high today it had been higher earlier this week, as revealed by the tide mark in the dinghy's interior.

While it was sunny the temperature was around 18 degrees, not bad for November.

I spent a couple of hours on the boat, bailing water from the cockpit lockers and having a coffee.

While I was there a nasty-looking rain squall was moving in from the South West, so I packed up and headed for shore.

The tide was still high so I didn't have far to drag the dinghy up the beach.

It had only receded about 3 feet, so I pulled it up the beach, tied it off and got in the car.

Funnily enough Eastney missed out on the rain, but across Eastney pond, Salterns had copped major rainfall, as I found out when I drove up the Eastern Road on the way back home.

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