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Monday, 1 December 2014

Flying Visit

I could only manage a couple of hours on the boat yesterday. High tide coincided with sunset, so I got on the boat an hour or so before both.

The weather was cold but clear, a respite from the week or more of rain we've had.

I spent the hour pumping out the cockpit lockers again and having a coffee.

During the coffee break I decided to see why the lockers keep filling up. It looks like in the past there were a few hinge holes drilled in the rain gutter round the locker and they had been filled with silicone sealant. It seems the sealant has started to break down and allow water into the lockers.

So I dug out the epoxy and filled the holes. We'll see if it improves matters.

With the Sun dropping, I left Sprite.

I notice there are a couple of new boats arrived in the pond since my last visit.

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