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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rowing Into a Gale isn't Fun.

Another short visit today at the top of the tide.

The wind today is force 5-6 so it took a bit of effort to row into it. Not helped by the inconsiderate idiot that thought it would be good fun to motor past dragging a big wake within feet of me in my dinghy. I shouted some obscenities but he couldn't hear above the engine. Its times like that you wish for a bucket of rotten fish guts to lob at them!

Anyeay I eventually got on board Sprite and checkex everything over. The epoxy work I'd done last week had mostly worked, but there was a leak through one of the old hinge screw holes. Some more epoxy has hopefully sorted that out. But happily there was only a fraction of the water in the locker that there was last week.

Apart from that nothing else to report. I'd crack on and refurbish my winches but I haven't had the time to remove the bases from the boat yet.

One thing I did do yesterday is give Jim his birthday present. I gave him a solar panel, wire and a charging regulator for his boat. So in the spring we can get him a charging circuit hooked up to his battery.

Next week me, Jim and our respective partners are spending the weekend away so it'll be a boat-free weekend.

However I do have some holiday days owing to me that I have to take off before Christmas so I might have a few days sorting things out on Sprite. One push before the end of the year and the really bad weather returns.

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