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Friday, 20 February 2015

Dues Due

Its that time of year again, I've just made my annual 5 minute visit to the harbourmaster's office and paid my harbour mooring fees. £132 for the year including harbour dues.

It's a red ticket for 2015:

I also hopped on the boat for an hour, just to check everything over. The solar charging regulator is working, the battery is currently at 13.6 volts. I've left a pound-shop dehumidifier in the cabin to see how it gets on.

I also got some stainless screws from eBay to refit on the bow roller. I might as well do a bit of upgrading while I'm doing them, so the screws will get nyloc nuts so they don't loosen, drop off and end up in the bilges again and they'll also get some bigger washers.

Hopefully I'll get that done this weekend. Or I'll do some sailing. It depends on the weather.

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