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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

No work at the Weekend

I got on board Sprite for an hour on Saturday as the tide was ebbing.

I was tied up in the morning getting one of my motorcycles ready for selling, so that took up most of the day.

My bikes were mine long before I moved to the South coast and I've not ridden them since I had a major abdominal operation back in 2008 (apparently the odds were 75-25 against me surviving!) which took a few months to fully recover from (although through sheer bloody-mindedness and willpower I made sure I was well enough to get married 6 weeks after the op!). So its time to part ways. I'll put the money to good use. Did someone say auxiliary outboard motor?

Sunday was blowing quite bad and deathly cold, so I stayed in.

Today an eBay purchase arrived: I got a cheap waterproof sailing jacket for under £20. Never been worn, a little dusty and still with the tag on. Not one of the big names, but as long as it's waterproof it will do fine. My faithful old Helly Hansen jacket has started to leak after 15 years of service.

I need to knuckle down and get some jobs done. The bad news is the long range forecast for Saturday is pretty bad. It's about time these cold northerlies changed for warmer southerly winds.

High tides are around 7am and 8pm-ish on Saturday so It's not a ridiculously early time to get down there and not ridiculously late to float off the beach and back onto the mooring. Neap tides though so only 4m.

I just need a bit of a weather window.


  1. "I just need a bit of a weather window." Don't we all...! :o)

    Was painting the cabin Sunday afternoon - all hatches battened down, rain battering down with a good 5 behind it - must be mad - the rest of the club was in the bar and so should I have been!

  2. I do sympathise, I went down to the boat on Sunday. The rain was almost horizontal and Chimet was reporting 5-7, so rowing out to the boat would have been a bit of a mission. I stayed in the car and went home.

    I get more done in a day on the beach than I do in a week on the water, so as soon as I can i want to put Sprite on the beach and get the jobs that are stacking up done. While I'm working outside my Dylan Winter tealight plant pot heater (tm) can warm up the cabin ready for when I need to run in and warm up. :-) It might help to reduce the dampness too.