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Monday, 3 August 2015

A Very Good Weekend.

I had a good day's sailing on Thursday, just across the harbour from West to East and back again. Just an hour's easy sailing using the jib only.

Friday was babysitting day and a trip over to the Isle of Wight with someone more professional at the helm of the Wight Rider.

Saturday was lots better, with 5 hour's sailing.

First thing was a trip out of Langstone into the Solent with a lot of other boats. Not quite the Hamble Scramble, but very busy for Langstone! I assume everyone was taking advantage of the weather. Engine on and main sail up to beat the incoming tide.

But there wasn't any wind sand I didn't fancy a long slog with the engine on, so I turned back and had a play in Langstone harbour for a while.

After an hour the wind picked up and I went out again. This time sailing:

Today the wind was force 3 but due to pick up to a force 5 so it was a quick scoot for Me, Jim and my son Josh up the harbour using the jib to have a nosey at the dredger unloading at Kendall's Wharf.

By the time we got back up the harbour the wind had increased and the swell made things uncomfortable with three of us in the cockpit, so it was time to hook back up and have a brew.

After the disappointment of the week, the weekend went some way to compensate especially having 5 hours of sailing on Saturday.

But the unsettled nature of this year's weather struck again today with the wind picking up. Had I gone up the Solent for an overnighter somewhere, it would have been a rough old trip back today.


  1. Nice one Mark, a good weekend indeed. :)

  2. Yeah, me too.. couple of cracking days sailing makes up for the blechhhh weather a few weeks ago..

  3. Good on you, getting out is the hard part, especially this Summer !

  4. Thanks guys, I think most people took the opportunity to get out this weekend judging by the recent blog updates and the number of boats exiting Langstone on Saturday!
    I see the Met are forecasting gloom for the rest of August so its time to drag out the Barbie and plan those summer sailing trips. Especially if they are as accurate as their supposed heatwave forecast for July. :-)