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Monday, 24 August 2015

Depressed Market

I have a regular search on eBay for cheap boats. From what I've seen over the past few weeks this seems to be the year to buy a boat. 

I guess due to the poor weather this year prices seem to be quite a way down on last year.

Just in the past few days a Westerly Pageant went for less than £800. Okay it had leaky keels, but its not a problem beyond the DIY'er and a week or so on the beach a neaps.

There have been a few Westerly Centaurs that have gone for under £4000. That's a pretty low benchmark for Centaurs, probably about a grand under what a similar Centaur would have commanded last year. 

Other smaller boats are going for a few hundred quid and I've seen small project boats going for under £200. 

So if you're going to buy, buy this year but bargain hard. 


  1. Boats are going cheap over here too. Those sticking to asking prices of a couple years ago are not moving them. I recently saw a 26' version of my PY23 with an asking price of $1500 less than what I paid 10 years ago for the much smaller boat. Too bad I'm not in a position to move up at this time.

  2. Its been a pretty bad season over here, with very little sailing due to the variable weather. Its like we've never had a summer and Spring has merged into Autumn.
    That has caused prices to slump badly. In the right situation you can get a boat for two thirds what it would have cost this time last year. I just hope the weather perks up next year. I only have so many sailing seasons left in me... lol.