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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Brief Encounter... I mean Visit

I just snatched 20 minutes on board today, just to check things over. By the time I'd got the various land-based things I needed to do done, the tide was down to 3.9 metres, which is just before I normally come off the boat as that corresponds with a bank of seaweed that makes dragging the dinghy up the beach much harder.

So, a quick visit to check the moisture trap and  the bilges for water, check the front of the boat for loose fittings and then back to shore.

Whilst on the shore I noticed that a little green fishing boat is listing quite a bit. It lists normally anyway, but today it looks like it's got a bit of rain water on board. it looks quite precarious:

At times it looked pretty precarious, with the\waves only inches from the gunwhale:

I've posted on various groups, so hopefully the owner will sort it out. At the very least pump out the rainwater.

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