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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Snatched Half-Day visit

I saw blue sky last Thursday and took a half-day off work to get on board Sprite. Just another check over and airing visit, but its all I can do this time of year.

The new battery is holding at 13.8v still. I tied up the mooring buoy with new rope because the original has become pretty frayed.

That's about it. Since Thursday its been windy and rainy and another Atlantic storm is due this week too.


  1. You've deleted the post, but glad all's well..

  2. Hi Steve. I had to take it down while I uploaded a better quality video to Blogger/Google/YouTube. The quality of the video stored on Google pictures was rubbish (you get poor quality unless you pay a premium) and it took so long to upload a decent video via youtube i had to take the post down for a while. I now sympathise with Dylan on KTL. Uploading videos is difficult! Luckily Sprite just weathered things. But being the first really big blow of the winter there were a few casualties.