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Monday, 22 February 2016

Gosport Boat Jumble.

I went to a bleak, windy and cold boat jumble at Haslar marina yesterday.

Unsurprisingly it wasn't well attended, I bought a few things: Elastic bungy cord sail ties (the type with a ball at each end); 10 for a fiver, some 3mm cord (2 rolls for a fiver) and 20m of 8mm rope for £6. The 8mm rope was marked up at £14 but I think the stallholder had had such a miserable day with so little interest he just walked over and said £6 for that. I guess he was happy to sell it at any price. So I bought it. lol

Walking through Havant to the train station in the Sue Ryder shop window there was a dinky little Barometer/Thermometer/Hygrometer set on a wooden plinth. For £5.95. I bought it and I'll put it on the boat.

By the way, I did say train station. Yesterday I used public transport. Mainly because it's a huge trip round Portsmouth harbour to get to Gosport, plus the traffic is horrendous over that side due to there only being one road in and out.

Far better to walk the half mile to the train station, get off at the other end at Portsmouth Harbour right next to the Gosport Ferry and then walk the half mile to the Boat Jumble. It did stop me buying some bits. Like two very large fenders that were marked up at £7 each and I could probably had for a tenner, but they were just a bit too big to carry. Next time I'll take a big rucksack.


  1. Was going to go.. but the weather put me off like the others... :)

  2. The weather was a bit grim, but it wasn't bitingly cold despite the wind. I didn't even need my woolly hat!

    But being the first of the year it wasn't particularly big and the lack of interest just meant that you could beg a bargain by actually spending some money. :-)

    Not sure it was worth the tenner to get down there and get in, but it would have been worth it had the weather been better. I could have stayed down there and mooched around looking at boats n stuff, maybe had a coffee down at gunwharf.

    I just thought it would be a change using public transport.

  3. I love these marine jumble sales - I might not buy anything but just mooching around looking at what's on offer is fun in itself.
    Our local 2nd hand marine shop serves the same purpose for me but I never seem to get out of the shop without buying something that 'might come in handy' LOL - It's all part of the boat obession (So I just go with the flow) : > )

  4. Alden,

    There's no used parts shops over here, it's always struck me as being strange. We either pay brand new prices or go to outdoor jumbles, with online sites like eBay and Gumtree filling the gap. I've got some good bargains from eBay.

    As the season starts in earnest, so prices seem to go up. Beaulieu in April is huuuuge. It's so big and famous people come over from the UK and European mainland to go to it.