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Saturday, 13 February 2016

On Board Today

Against my better judgement I  Rowed out to Sprite today for my first visit since Monday's  big storm.

My plant pot tea light heater had been thrown on the floor and smashed, my lantern had been knocked about so much it lost the battery cover and the batteries had fallen out. But that's about all there was.

Todays wind was about f5 to f6 from the NE so it made rowing out there quite tricky. Todays conditions were about the top end of the scale for going out to the boat. Normally I'd stay ashore but I needed to make sure eveything was ok. That wind direction sets up a big swell. I partly surfed back from the boat. But getting out and on board was a bit tricky. Even being on board was tiring as I had to brace myself all the time.

I took down my cheap mainsail while aboard as it had partly come loose.

But half an hour on board was enough and I  came back after tidying up the mess down below.

Roll on Spring and Summer!

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