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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Not much to report

Last weekend I was in Yorkshire, It was my mother's birthday so we went up to Yorkshire and nipped over the Pennines to visit her. The Mrs was most impressed with the river Humber estuary. A trip over the Humber bridge emphasised what a huge body of water it is.

Anyway, thats why I wasn't sailing last weekend, despite the good weather.

Then this weekend arrived......and so did the wind. Force 5-6 yesterday and force 4-5 today.

Unusually there were a couple of bigger yachts hooning around Langstone harbour both days. And both days they were on their scuppers. I'd have loved to be out there hooning Sprite up and down the harbour  But if they were on their side, Sprites baggy mainsail would have just pulled it over or worse, the rigging might have snapped. I wasn't going to risk a snapped mast despite how much fun it might have been dicing with a couple of other yachts like dinghy racing.

So I stayed shoreside and watched them through the binoculars, pretty impressive and not something you usually see in the harbour. Must people just want to transit to the Solent.

Anyway, the weather is due to improve later in the week. Maybe I'll take a day off work. Next weekend it another early/late high tide, Another trip to the beach and scrubbing session is due. Hopefully the last before I start with the antifouling.

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