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Friday, 30 September 2016

Thanks a Bunch Google

It looks like Google has made changes to the template I use for this blog. Unannounced I've lost my blogroll of favourite blogs.

I'm at work and have only just noticed it, so bear with me and I'll try and re-create it this evening.

Thanks Google you bunch of tossers. I've already had the email saying you're limiting the search on blogs to just the contents of the blog (i.e. Google), but this change was totally unannounced.

Now a blog that has been up and running fine for three years suddenly has bits of it missing. Fan-bloody-tastic!


  1. Yeah - they've removed the piccie slideshow widget as well... I'm thinking of moving to Wordpress....

  2. It does take the mick that they can just change something so fundamental to how a blog works. A lot of my side bars have disappeared now. At the mo I haven't got the time to sort it out, hopefully this weekend when I'm not working.

    I've been toying with Wordpress on and off. I can't really get on with it because it's not as intuitive as Blogger. The way it works is not quite as easy as blogger. Maybe I need a "Wordpress for Dummies" book. lol.

    But trying to replicate the layout I have on blogger seems a bit beyond me on Wordpress and I used to write web pages many moons ago. I definitely need some explanation on how to get it to do what I need.

  3. I see i'm not the only one who's blog has suffered at the hands of Google, an absolute asshat of a company in my opinion. Completely crippled my blog two months back when google terminated picasa (photo hosting/sharing software). Okay there was a warning that picasa was coming to an end but its replacement borders on comedy as google market it as photo-sharing software but as i found you can't freely share photos with anyone unless you're in the google plus cult - absolute joke.

    Literally had to start from scratch rebuilding every album (8 years worth). And what was google's response, "we're aware of some issues".


    1. I got off lightly in comparison then Roger. I used to work for an American company and it's typical American I.T. mentality to just change something they market as better, but with a fraction of the functionality. Used to wind me right up, especially when stood in front of customers having to defend a change which was really indefensible.