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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Some Work Done at Last.

Finally, I've been able to get on board and get something done.

Last year was a bit of a washout, with weddings, holidays and the rest getting in the way of spending time on the boat.

About a year ago I put a new locker top on one of the lockers, then the other top has been waiting in the boat ever since.

This year I'm determined to get stuff done. To that end, this weekend I've fitted the other locker top. Plus I've given both tops a couple of coats of paint.

The cockpit finally looks good and the locker tops are waterproof. I can finally leave the cockpit cover off over the Summer.

Also, since the unwelcome visitor the other week, I've been thinking about strengthening the washboards even more. So the lower board got some strengthening:

I've fitted a hardwood batten to the back of the board. It provides strength in the middle of the boards, probably the most vulnerable part.

Two jobs done in one weekend. Not bad.


  1. Well done.. just need some warmth now... :o)

  2. Steve, I'm just happy we've had a decent period of sunshine for once.

  3. The cockpit hatches look good - nothing like the satisfaction of a job well done on your own boat.

  4. Alden, Thanks. It always gives me a good feeling, it's just getting in gear and doing it in the first place. :-)
    The hard part is always trying to balance the weekends where the tides are right for a particular job and getting on the boat, with other stuff. If I could, I'd be there all weekend every weekend.