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Monday, 3 April 2017

Unwelcome Visitor

Got on board the boat this weekend to be greeted by the sight of a pile of mud on the transom. It looks like someone has been mad enough to walk out to Sprite and get on board. Luckily no damage apart from the mud everywhere.

No attempt was made to enter. Maybe the steel reinforcing of the washboards put them off. I fitted that the last time a bunch of boats were walked out to and broken into. It looks like they are back with the same m.o.

The thing that gets me is what this person did is hugely dangerous. The mud is a couple of feet deep a Sprite's keels go into the mud and she settles on the hull. This person could quite easily have become stuck.

Unbelievable someone would take the risk. I take all the electronics off the boat in the winter so theres nothing easily removed and sold on  board. So a huge risk for nothing.

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