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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Finishing Off.

Today was windless with scattered showers, so no sailing unfortunately.

With a 5.1m tide I had plenty of time to get stuff done.

First off was refitting the cup and plate holder rack at the rear of the cabin. I've given it a coat of white gloss to match the VHF hutch and brighten up the back end of the cabin:

As well as that, I fitted the new flap for the depth sounder:

The flap does the usual and flips so the depth sounder shows outside too, without taking up the whole companionway:

The re-soldering I did on any PCB joints that looked dodgy has cured the Depth Sounder of it's intermittent nature. It switches on straight away and gives a steady reading.

Okay, that's 2 jobs down, what next? Well, a coffee and then a play with my latest video camera:

This is a 4K 360 degree camera supposedly. I've used it as a wide angle camera, where the viewing angle is around 220 degrees., so it shows most of the cockpit from the top of the companionway hatch.

Very enbarrassing, I hate the sound of my own voice.

But it does show the limited quality of the camera, it looks pretty grainy and not that sharp. Even 4K with a 360 degree view at 220 degree angle spreads the pixels out a bit much.

I might dig out my old 1080p camera and pop a wide angle lens on it to see if there's any difference.

Not only is the video quality as iffy as the commentary, the sound quality is pretty dire too. Towards the end it was picking up the engine noise of the dredger going out the Langstone harbour channel 500 yards away behind buildings, better than my voice being spoken only 4 feet away.

After a bit of tidying up, I decided to leave and go ashore between showers.

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