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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Rudder Bargain

Not for me, but for my mate Jim, who is actually a skinter sailor than I am. So I like to help out if I can.

He lost his rudder last year, most likely nicked off the back of the boat.

I just happened to be browsing and saw this rudder on eBay:

It's almost 6ft long and very nicely sculpted where it's supposed to sit in the water. Plenty of opportunity to modify it to suit Jim's boat. At a minimum it needs Gudgeon and Pintles screwing on, shortening and a tiller made for it. It was originally off a catamaran.

With a bit of work I may be able to make a removable tiller, so he can stow it away in the cabin in future to avoid it getting nicked. Hopefully this one isn't staying on the back of the boat.

The best bit is it only cost £8.00! Now that's a bargain. Considering the fact that its painted, varnished, sculpted into a foil shape under the waterline already, I'd say it's a bargain that will save loads of time and help get Jim back on the water.

Just need to keep an eye out for a cheap gudgeon and pintle. And maybe keep an eye out on Freecycle/Freegle for an oak table or something I can get a long enough piece of wood out of to make the tiller assembly.

Here's hoping.


  1. At eight pounds - that's an absolute bargin!

  2. Alden, I couldn't believe it, I was just doing the usual browsing of yotty bits and there it was. 8 quid and 10 miles away. Easy decision. Bought n paid for by PayPal in 30 seconds. lol.

    It's a lovely chunk of wood, to buy a plank like that on it own would be much more. The fact it's varnished, painted and profiled just adds to the bonus. Now the search for fittings starts. Gudgeon, pintle and some sort of tiller assembly are next. Boat jumbles here we come.