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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

America's Cup: New Zealand Win!

Well, the Kiwis and their amazing flying machine proved to dominant for team USA and have won the final round of the Americas Cup. Well done to the team, they were impressive with they AC50 cyling machine (checks for hidden propellers...)

Cue cheesy 1987/2013 mashup YouTube video courtesy of Seven Sharp:

Ah 1987, when I was still single and facy free.... The decade of big hair and big shoulder pads. And that was the blokes!

And of course the New Zealand Band-Aid tribute act singing about a yacht... :-)


  1. Hideous video... :o)

    Had no idea the Kiwi's would be so dominant - was expecting a much closer match - but then I thought Sir Ben was going to be closer as well so what do I know... :o))

  2. I thought the racing would be a lot closer too Steve. I envisioned F1 type closeness on the water. It became aparrent during the training runs in Bermuda that BAR were not the fastest. But you never know whether people are holding back or not. Hence why Sir Ben got stomped on in with apearrent gamesmanship the early races, but later on, once the other teams knew BAR didn't have the pace, they stopped forcing penalties and just got on with sailing faster than the Brits. Must have been frustrating for the British team.

    And yeah, the video is naff and cheesy, with an extra portion of cheese on top. Shame they lost in 2013. I wonder if the Kiwis will bring out a brand new version for 2017. But less cheese please. :-)

  3. As a Kiwi I am very glad we won (I hope the next challenge is in foiling monohulls) but I do find the cheesy video winch making.

  4. Alden, I'm looking forward to what boats they'll announce. Foiling monohulls with huge rigs and flying keels would be good. But they don't make good/easy TV watching. So I suspect foiling multihull match racing will win out. :-)