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Monday, 24 July 2017

Poor Show

That's now two weekends with no boaty content, sorry guys I'm slacking.

Last weekend it was the wind that killed things, a bit too windy for me.

This weekend a combination of grandchild minding and torrential rain did for it.

I was house/baby/cat sitting on Saturday. We took one of the grandkids with us to Stokes bay on Sunday and there were plenty of boats out making the most of the morning's sunshine. But it wasn't to last and by luunchtime the torrential rain had returned.

When I got home the Ryde webcam showed an almost empty Solent, so it looks like everyone had taken shelter.

I'm now looking forward to a sunny mid-week where I stare out of the windows at work and curse the weekend weather. lol.


  1. You are not alone!
    I had my boot loaded up ready to head down to the boat on the 28th straight from work. I had the following week off and had plans for some sailing interspersed with beaching the boat for some maintenance. After looking at the forecast I decided to head for home instead. All week there i could not forsee a decent window in the weather to get anything meaningful done so was pretty much at home.
    I have next week off as well. Same plan, i will just have to see what the weather gods say.

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  3. Last weekend was shore-based stuff with a family day out and the same this weekend too as the Wife's sister is over from the Middle East.

    Brian, I sympathise. When the first America's cup world series came to Portsmouth I booked the week after off work with a plan to watch the race from the boat and then cruise down the South Coast to Poole. In the end the last day of the ACWS was called off due to bad weather and it persisted for the rest of the week. I got just 4 hours sailing in the whole of the week off.

    Fingers crossed for you. I just grab days off now and don't plan anything. The Saturday I had back in June was the first time in a number of years where the weather could be predicted to be fine in advance with any certainty. June was the best month of the year full stop. I have the feeling we have seen the best of the weather and if I want to go out again, It'll be in marginal conditions, testing Sprite to the limit again.

  4. I remember the day the AC at portsmouth was called off.
    We had taken that time off so we could go to see it. It was blowing a hard that day and we were soaked.
    My Wife got hooked on it when we went down to Plymouth for the previous one. Lots of action there for sure.
    I have just dropped the hook at East Head (0640 sat) to await what the weather brings. Fingers crossed.
    All the best.