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Sunday, 20 August 2017


Some fair weather and spare time today so off to the boat to soothe the withdrawl symptoms.

Just a potter round the harbour, although I also tried out my new eBay bargain:

Yes, Sprite 2 has a speedo, or will have once I cut out the hole for it in the instrument mounting flap.

I'm not sure the paddlewheel is the correct one, as the speeds seem to be a little off and it doesn't register any speed at all above 3 knots. So some more work required I guess.

But a bargain at £30.

This week I bagged another eBay bargain: a Seawych keel shoe for a fiver. Fantastic, because Sprite 2 is missing a keel shoe. So an odd one is just what I need.

Also earlier this week I watched HMS Queen Elizabeth come into Portsmouth harbour for the first time. I wasn't one of the flotilla of small boats trailing behind her, but before going to work me and the Mrs watched her come in from the seafront.

So although I may not have been actually sailing, I have been busy. Last weekend I was up North visiting my Parents and my daughter who's studying at Salford Uni.

The next month or so may be sparse for sailing stuff too, we're moving house. The landlady has decided to sell... just after we spent a fortune decorating too. The perils of private renting I guess.

We're downsizing as part of the move, so no garage. That's got to be cleared, including a spare jib furling setup that I got back in 2012 when I was boat-hunting. It was another eBay bargain that was too good to miss and I suspected I might not get a boat with a working furling system or one at all, so I bagged it. I'll stick it on eBay in the next week or so along with my old, dead motorbike.

Lots to do... none of it sailing unfortunately.

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  1. I'm interested in a jib furler - can you post the item ID here once it's on eBay?