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Monday, 13 November 2017

Dark Days

Yep, after the clocks going back, the days feel even shorter and darkness descends before 5pm.

You definately know it's winter now. Not many trips to the boat recently as tides have been all wrong. I did go on last weekend to tighten the cockpit cover and sponge out the lockers. Everything else seems ok at the moment. The battery is holding charge and the windows are not leaking. Yet.

On my next visit I'll lift the cushions, so damp from the bilges doesn't build up.

And then that's it for the winter apart from possibly the odd day.

The spray hood os getting a bit green, so that'll come off as well next time and get a wash.

At least this year I can say I had a few good days sailing and one amazingly long day out in the Solent, even if the wind did die on me half way through.

Roll on Spring.

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