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Friday, 4 October 2013

More Free Stuff

At the moment it seems that the more that people know about my love of the freebie, the more free things I get offered.

This week I got a generator from Work. No I didn't nick it, but at the show we had at the weekend, one of the cheap generators we were using fried the laptop chargers we had hooked up to them. No idea why, as we'd used that generator loads of times before with no problem.

So work no longer trust the generators and were going to throw them away and hire a "proper" one next time. Step forward Mr handyman, who will have a punt at getting anything working so long as it doesn't cost money. ;-)

Anyway I asked the boss what his plans were for the gennies and the word "Skip" was mentioned. Not wanting to add pollution to the local landfill I valiantly offered to take one off their hands and save them the bother of all that recycling eco nonsense.

Hence why I now own a generator. Which just happens to have a 12 Volt output which happily sidesteps the mains output issues. I can use the 12v socket to charge the boat battery and at some point have a go at fixing the mains output. The bad news is that may entail using an oscilloscope to check the voltage waveform and frequency are spot on, something I don't currently own.  But you never know it may be something simple.

It looks as though I may only get 1 day messing about on the boat as on Saturday my step-daughter wants me to look over the car she wants to buy.

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