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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Presents and Progress.

First, a big, big thank you to Pam, the former owner of Sprite 2. She contacted me last week saying she had some more parts for me which was ever so generous of her, so I picked them up at the weekend.

I've also made a bit of progress this week as I've epoxied the dinghy and its now dry. Well, it will be when all the water finally gets out of all the nooks and crannies. I took it for a little paddle out to the boat after work and at the moment there are no leaks. So now I have a properly working dinghy that doesn't get my feet wet.

Toolstation (handily across the road from work) have small syringes of epoxy glue for less than 2 quid, which was just enough to sort the crack in the hull out. I also got the sandpaper for the woodwork from Toolstation as well.

If you wonder why I use Epoxy for hull repairs rather than fibreglass resin, polyester resin, the stuff you get with fibreglass repair kits doesn't tend to stick too well to Polyester Resin that is already cured. Many people have tried car repair kits from Halfords or the like and find that over time the Polyester Resin loses its grip on the old fibreglass. Epoxy Resin on the other hand tends to be a bit more tenacious. Although at some point I might cover the area over the crack with fibreglass tape for strength with some more epoxy.

Its a shame I'm away with work at the weekend as I'm itching to get started on the handrails. They'll have to wait until the weekend after.

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