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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Culinary Corner (2 of a very Occasional Series)

As an avid bargain hunter I'm a regular customer of the Lidl supermarket chain.

I've bought a few items for the boat from them like the Fire Blanket, the multitool I use on board and a few other bits and bobs.

However Culinary Corner is about food on board, so here is my recommendation.

Lidl large tin meals.

The one on the right, the meatballs and pasta has been taste-tested by myself and Jim and found to be really rather good. Its even got vegetables in the mix, so its partly healthy too! Easy to cook: just lob in a pan and bring to a simmer and serve when hot enough. They even have ring pulls on, so you don't have to remember the tin-opener!

The tins are big enough to provide a meal for two people and are a bargain at less than £2 each. The Coquette meals are £1.59 and the Chilli is £1.89. But still good value.

I will be bravely taste testing the Chilli and the Pasta Spirals in Tomato Sauce over the forthcoming weeks and will be reporting back. This evening I checked another tin of meatballs while on the boat and can confirm its still tasty.

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