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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Two Lost Weekends.

I had to work last weekend so I missed out on boating activity and this coming weekend I'm off to see my family. My stepdad is 98 and isn't in that good health. My mother isn't one to give things away but I can tell from the tone of her voice that this weekend may be the last time I get to see him. I was planning on going up there in August, but we've brought the visit forward a month.

So two weekends lost. But the first one pays for the second one, so all-in-all the cost is neutral.

As with everything that happens with the boat when I can't get on it, new jobs keep stacking up.

I've now got a transducer for my depth sounder head. Both were cheap on eBay, mainly because they were offered separately. Neither is much use without the other. I did try the depth sounder display head with the transducer in the boat but the display is a NASA one and the transducer is a Seafarer. They are incompatible so the NASA transducer should get things working.

I also have some varnish to finish off the locker tops, as the wood stain finish doesn't seem so durable. The varnish should seal the surface and provide a longer lasting finish.

If the depth sounder works then that should be the last important thing in place. Obviously the windows need doing at some point, but that isn't an essential job. I can get on and do some sailing!

I'm already looking at the tide tables and making plans in my head. Probably a long weekend beckons at some point, to see how far I can get in a couple of days.

I really need to get things booked as now we've had the longest day, the days are only going to get shorter. Plus half of August is out due to work colleagues having a week off each and half of September is dodgy as I have another weekend show to attend with work. Holidays are restricted the week before and the week after. So, July looks to be the best time and thanks to the tide its either going to be the 10th to the 13th or the 21st to the 24th. The first period seems to be the best as it incorporates a weekend and saves me a couple of days holiday.

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