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Sunday, 1 June 2014

More jobs off the list

I went a bit mad today with the wood stain.

Last week i got the second locker top fitted and today I gave both of them a few coats of teak stainyness.

They came up rather well.:

I also stained the wooden block on the transom the purpose of which I have no idea. But it got coated anyway, to make it match with the locker tops.

The originals did need replacing:

But then again talking to Pam this week they are about 30 years old, so its no wonder they were a bit past it. They lasted well, but the spanking new ones look the business.

While I was on a roll I stained the handrails as well. I prefer the finish from oiled wood, but as soon as they were exposed to the weather they went grey again. Hopefully the stain will prevent the grey returning.

So I can cross the locker tops off the to-do list now.

Before I went mad with the woodstain, Jim came across from his boat and I made a spot of lunch. I brought a huge tin of Lidl's meatballs and pasta. I'd never had it before, but I can thoroughly recommend it. It was pretty decent and fed both of us even though it was only £1.59 for a tin. A couple will be returning to Sprite along with the other flavour varieties. When I get another tin I'll post a picture under one of my gourmet recommendations.

The to-do list is shrinking quite well, although the items on the list look to be the most difficult or most expensive. Hull cleaning and anti-fouling won't be cheap. There is a guy that has a stall at the boat jumbles selling paint and he's relatively cheap, so the next one I go to I'll hunt for him. I think I might be asking for anti-fouling paint for my birthday!

The window rubbers aren't cheap and to be honest the rear windows have so many cracks in that they may not survive the transplant. They may need replacing, adding to the cost. I'll have to cross that bridge later.

I've also got to figure out how to get up the mast safely to change the light bulb. double/triple blocks and a home-made bosun's seat may be the way to sort that problem.

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