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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Cheeky Afternoon Sail

I took another half day of work today as the weather was so fantastic. The Sun was really stinging so it was on with the sunblock and out to the boat. Some more tweaks to the sails are needed. I've put penetrating oil in the lower pin so hopefully I can get the downhaul to tighten the main sail properly at the weekend.

One job I did before I went out into the harbour was fit the depth sounder. 30 quid from eBay isn't bad and it works! I feel a bit safer knowing what the depth is under the keel.

Didn't have time to take pictures today but I'll take some at the weekend. Depending on the weather I my sleep over on the boat at the weekend. the forecast is for thunderstorms, but they were wrong last weekend so who knows.

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