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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Messing About in Boats

After the weekend's road trip up North, I'd also booked Monday off to wind down and recover from 3 days of driving.

It didn't quite work out that way.

I got shanghaied into doing the pond at the wife's works again in the morning, as the dreaded hair algae was making a comeback.

In the afternoon I went down to the boat and went for a potter about. I noticed that Jim had already left his moorings. I found him in the harbour entrance with another friend, Doug as crew. I took the opportunity to take some pictures of Jim's boat whilst it was moving.

I'd just overtaken Jim in Gannet 2

As I was overtaking him. We photo-op'ed each other

Jim and Doug looking at home on Gannet 2
Of course Jim took the opportunity to take some pictures of me and Sprite 2 as well:

Sprite is looking pretty good. I don't look out of place as Captain either. 
I gave Jim a wave. George (the tiller pilot) is steering.

We retired as a fleet back to our moorings. I noticed a new yacht having a run round Eastney pond, so we may have yet another new neighbour shortly. My fault for publicising how cheap Eastney is!

We've had a recent influx of multi-hulls. I expect they're getting priced out of other harbours and the flat mud of Eastney is just right for them and at a budget price.

Not a bad day at all, pottering about and having lunch on Jim's boat. (Lidl meatballs in a tin, lovely).

One last thing.... I think today was the first day I felt really relaxed and at home on Sprite. I'm beginning to enjoy the boat, rather than worry about whether things will work or what I'm doing. Its a nice feeling!

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  1. Greetings, I really like the name of your blog, mainly because I am in the same boat (pun intended). Name is Will and I sail a 20' trailer sailer, on the water and also on a shoestring.