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Friday, 1 August 2014


Now I've got Sprite into sailing trim, the jobs on board have moved subtly towards making life on-board a bit easier.

So yesterday I fitted rope pockets either side of the companionway, to tidy up the rope that ends up all over the cockpit floor. The lines that cone back to the cockpit from the mast don't tend to be messed with much, so they can be tucked in the pockets out of the way while sailing.

I got the pockets cheaply at the Netley Boat jumble. I had to get smaller stainless screws to fit them, because they have to sit recessed into the press-stud to allow the pocket to clip on.

Here they are in place:

After the rope getting everywhere, the other bugbear is how much the tiller intrudes into the cockpit. Me and Jim aren't the smallest of guys and if we both sit on the same side of the cockpit, there's no room to move the tiller. So to free up some space I took six inches off the tiller arm and sculpted and new handle at the end. Not quite as small as the original, but I've taken the sharp edges off. Sitting in the cockpit should now be a bit easier when there's two people.

I also tidied up the wiring for the VHF and the depth sounder as part of the housekeeping effort.

On my way back to shore I checked out the rudder I made for Jim's boat. Its still there:

Its not the best looking thing. After all it was knocked together using scraps of wood and rudimentary tools, but it looks ok.

One thing I'm finding is I get withdrawl when I'm away from the boat for a few days now. I've always been drawn to messing about with boats, but it's the first time I've actually felt compelled to go down to the boat. I'm not sure why, but even like today, just chilling out and doing odd jobs feels theraputic.

I had the VHF on while I was on the boat and its the first time I've heard the mad rush to get in marinas for Cowes week. You could tell it was very busy. A far cry from the relaxed atmosphere of Eastney pond.

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