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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Back Update

After spending Saturday and Sunday on my back resting and going stir crazy I managed to drive down to the boat on Monday. Just to check everything was OK. I was under orders from the Mrs not to do any lifting or pulling or pushing.

I met Nicky down there and had a chat about her son's new boat. Just a short visit to check on Sprite and then back home for some rest.

So far resting has worked and my back hasn't been painful. The hardest part has been to not lifting at work. But I've managed things and so far its been 24 hours without a twinge.

If I can keep it up I might be fit in a week or so. Funnily enough that'll be six weeks which is similar to last time I popped a disc. I've gone and bought a winch to take the toil out of dragging the dinghy up the beach. It'll take longer and I feel decidedly lazy for resorting to using it but it has to be for the next couple of weeks.

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